Logarithm // Sugar Factory - Big Sky Sessions //

  • Logarithm // Sugar Factory - Big Sky Sessions //

Logarithm // Sugar Factory - Big Sky Sessions //

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Logarithm Cassette Label #013

Artwork by John Trifonopoulos (www.behance.net/johntrifon)
Photography by: Jannis Tomtsis (500px.com/jannistomtsis)

All noises by Stelreverb

Additional noises:
Stavros P. - Chess music & Transparent man
Sophie k. - Sunday

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Mañu

- A “Logarithm Cassette Label” Sticker
- Download code
- J-cards printed on 300gr Heavy paper

Limited Edition of 100 Cassette tapes
released May 29, 2017

Sugar Factory are back with a new release! This time, on cassette and digital format by Logarithm Cassette Label. The new album is called Big Sky Sessions and includes nine instrumental compositions. All recorded with electric guitars only, without the presence of other instruments. The result is a mixture of ambient soundscapes, cinematic music with considerable improvisation.

Sugar Factory is the solo project of Stelios Gagaris (Stelreverb). It started out in 2009 and two 7’’ vinyl records (Sudden Pause), one E.P. in digital form and two cassettes (Logarithm Cassette Label) have been released ever since, while some compositions have been included in music collections.
The project’s live performances are accompanied by visual material, which harmonically complements the industrialized sounds and ‘sweet’ melodies, creating a complete atmosphere. Sugar Factory has opened concerts for God Is An Astronaut, Wovenhand, Piano Magic and The Underground Youth among others. In 2014, Sugar Factory opened for the international music documentary film festival ‘In Edit’, projecting original visual material, and participated in Lefkosia Loop Festival in March 2017.
All official releases, as well as live recordings, demos etc. are free to download through SugarFactory’s Bandcamp page.

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